Unlock the potential of your data

Data can destroy entire armies, bury cities, decimate nations, but also bake incredible brownies. We are consultants, who created tools to collect, model and cleanse data.


We unlock the full potential of your data

You will procure
otherwise overlooked data

Ordinarily, only 1% of unstructured data, such as texts, articles, feedback, audio or video, are analysed. However, they carry a big potential.

You will make
better-informed decisions

Gain control over correctly annotating, sorting and processing data. We will set up a process to allow you to maintain systematized, high quality data, with which you can be a leader in understanding trends and adjusting to regulations.

We will prepare your business
for the world of AI

AI can not save the world – clean and comprehensible data will. We will design the entire data infrastructure, from IT to the applications. With this, you will be thoroughly prepared for the onset of artificial intelligence.

Our approach

Whether you are a multinational corporation, or a fresh new start-up, we will create a selection of tools fitted to your needs. These steps will allow us to identify and deliver the correct value added:

Our products

Sirius Board

Sirius Board

AI platform, that evaluates, processes and reacts on the feedback of your clients from all over the world, with the ability to scrap through websites, identify phrases or keywords and determine the sentiment and topic, in which they appear.

All the important data on your consumers in one place

It helps you in seeing all the important data on consumers and making qualified decisions based on them.

Integration for all the important platforms

Facebook, Google Play, Apple Store, Fora, Sirius’ sight will reach everywhere?

General Business Intelligence

General Business Intelligence

Service incorporating powerful ETL (extract, transform, load) aimed on collecting, processing and analyzing data for more effective and unified reporting.

Unified reporting

We link straight to your ERP and in predefined reports we include information in a way, that avoids creating duplicity and contradictory conclusions.

Simple to work with

Even a junior will not not find it difficult. Exports to multiple formats are a matter of course.

Phalanx Taxonomy

Phalanx Taxonomy

Implementation of any AI starts with data understanding.

Data about your data at your fingertips

Deployment of any data initiative, regulatory or artificial intelligence, heavily depends on the knowledge of data. Our solution provides a comprehensive overview of data ownership, data lineage and taxonomy to make any data initiative hassle-free.

Regulatory Compliance

We live in a regulatory era, where the impact of regulations like GDPR, BCBS29 or upcoming data ethics guidelines have a significant impact on data management. To fulfill regulatory compliance, organisations need to understand their data truly.



We won’t let you fall for scam or a hype train.

More than 10 years of experience and dozens of projects

We approach the needs of our partners in full complexity and adjust the form of our collaboration to the specific circumstances and possibilities they operate in.

We can always help even with partial needs

If you need to set up processes, identify key data or establish their index of quality, we can help.

We bring results

Early identification
of trends and challenges

Retention, trends of consumer behavior, interpretation of consumer feedback, all of these are, thanks to out interventions, easier.

Faster processes
and change management

And bringing these changes while complying to regulatory framework and preventing avoidable fines.

Economizing expenses
and saving time

Optimised processes and effective workload management, that helps you save time and redistribute your most valuable resource – human capital – elsewhere.

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